NASA has revealed the name of the new mission

The US space agency has revealed the official name of a new mission to investigate one of Jupiter’s moons. The expedition that will be sent to Europe is called Europa Clipper.

For several years now we know that NASA is planning to ship a ship that will explore Europe, one of Jupiter’s moons. The latest news indicates that the mission begins to take on more and more real shapes as it has its official name. NASA has given it the name Europa Clipper, and its purpose is to thoroughly examine the surface of this moon, which is very interesting from a scientific point of view.

The ship that will be sent there will orbit around 40-45 passes over Europe, where scientific instruments will carry out research and photographing its surface.

It is indeed an ice cover, but the moon itself is so large that scientists think deep ocean saltwater can be found. NASA’s mission is to see if they can find the key ingredients needed to create life.…

Spotify will spend 21 million on outstanding royalties

Spotify representatives have announced that they have come to an agreement with the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) to pay royalties for use of the songs in the popular service. The company will have to pay a total of $ 21 million.

Music services such as Spotify are very careful about settling with all copyright holders of the songs they use. Sometimes, however, for some songs, copyright issues are not entirely clear and due to the lack of accurate information, no one knows who to give money to.

This was also the case with Spotify, which for some songs could not transfer money to the right people. Fortunately, one of the most popular music sites has come to an agreement with the National Music Publishers Association, which has affiliated music publishers and has finally obtained relevant information, and announced that it would pay a total of $ 21 million in royalties.

$ 16 million will be donated to royalty and songwriters, while the remaining $ 5 million will be awarded to the authors under a premium to compensate them for such a long waiting period.…

What does facebook tell you about advertisers? It’s easy to check

Have you noticed that Facebook has grown up with ads and posts related to travel and leisure, and after all you have recently been looking for a holiday destination? It’s not a coincidence.

Facebook has announced last year that it will expand the use of data about what you browse, also on other pages in your browser, to better match your clients’ advertising campaigns. Last month, the most popular social networking site has confirmed the global launch of this service. Fortunately, you can see what your advertisers are going to find out, and then modify the data or turn off personalized ads entirely.

How to check your preferences or completely disable personalized ads on Facebook?

Go to the settings panel (in the pull-down menu located to the right of the top bar) and select the “Ads” tab. By deactivating the first option, your ads and posts will not be subject to our previously visited web pages that used the Facebook plugin.

The second option will decide who sees your activities related to commercial products (like liking sponsored content).

The last setting is your preferences for your profile activity, and the web pages that support the facebook plug-in, so you like the fanpage, the communities you belong to, the videos you like, but also the content of your web pages, blogs or commented content, etc. You can browse and delete this place.…

Kyocera has completed construction of a floating solar power plant

At the CEATEC Fair last October, Kyocera announced the construction of a new mega solar power plant, which, unlike typical solar farms, was to be built on water. The company has just announced that its project has already been completed and will soon start producing electricity.

Solar farms are a very convenient method of producing electricity. However, to make such power plants efficient enough, they have to occupy huge areas of land, and this is usually expensive, which makes the investment cost-effective.

Kyocera last year presented a very interesting idea to build a floating solar power plant in Japan that would not be valuable to land because it would float on water, on interconnected platforms made of polyethylene. The idea was completed and a total of two megayots were built: Nishihira Pond and Higashihira Pond, located near Kato City, Hyogo Prefecture.…

Tablet for soldiers and engineers

Tablet for soldiers and engineers

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If an engineer wanted to use a regular iPad during construction work in Siberia or Dubai, he would not have enjoyed it long enough. The usual hardware is very delicate, which is why models such as the Dell Latitude 12, which can withstand a great deal, ranging from extreme temperatures, to shocks, ending in flooding.

Dell introduces a new Rugged tablet model for hard-working engineers, or soldiers who must have a functional, yet robust device.

The Latitude 12 is a model that satisfies these conditions, as the enclosure is designed to withstand extreme temperatures of -29 to 63 degrees Celsius. It is also resistant to mud, dust, sand, water, dropping from a height of 120 cm, and even the shock wave of a nearby explosion, making it ideal for soldiers, rescuers, industrial workers and adventurers.

The tablet has an 11.6-inch touch screen resolution of 1366 x 769 pixels that can be handled in gauntlets, and the image displayed is perfectly visible in full sun. Dell has also equipped it with the fifth generation Intel Core processor, 512 GB SSD, Windows 8.1 and a battery life of up to 12 hours. An advanced cooling system is also an interesting feature, so that your equipment does not overheat even when operating in a very hot environment.…

Tesla Gigafactory will open on July 29

Tesla Gigafactory will open on July 29

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In a few weeks, the American concern Tesla will open its newest battery factory for electric vehicles. The complex called Tesla Gigafactory has been in operation for some time, but this time it will be the official opening ceremony for VIPs.

Tesla Gigafactory is one of the largest projects implemented by the American Tesla Group, valued at $ 5 billion. It is a giant battery factory dedicated to vehicles of this well-known brand, which will be fully completed in 2020 and will occupy a total of over 52 acres, becoming one of the largest buildings in our planet.

The factory’s full capacity will only reach four years and then each year it will produce 35 GWh total capacity batteries, which is more than the total world production of 2013. There will be produced not only passenger vehicle batteries, but also home-grown Tesla Powerwall batteries for storing energy from photovoltaic systems and powering entire homes.…

Airbnb introduces better account protection

Airbnb introduces better account protection

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The well-known Airbnb platform enhances the security of your user accounts. It will help in this multi-stage user authentication system, which will provide much better protection against hackers.

Hackers lurk on users practically on every page by taking over our accounts in a variety of services and then using them for various purposes. This also applies to accounts on the popular Airbnb platform, which increasingly fall prey to cybercriminals.

Once the hacker has taken over our account, he will know when we are leaving for holidays, how long we will be away from home, and what is our address. So it is possible to steal our apartment without hesitation while we are resting.

To avoid such situations, Airbnb introduces a new, better account security system that uses a multi-step verification of your identity. This is not a typical two-step system that sends us an extra code for a smartphone, but something else. You must authorize any phone, tablet or computer from which you log in to your account, using this unique email or SMS code.

In addition, the platform will notify the user with a text message of every change made to his account.

And as if that was not enough, machine learning algorithms using location and IP address will predict whether the person who logs in to the account is the legitimate owner or hacker. If the system thinks it is a hacker, then he will request additional information.

These changes should better protect users from the threat.…

Gifts for the ambitious

Gifts for the ambitious

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This religious ceremony is a great opportunity to stimulate the creativity of every child with a gift. It is worth to consider before buying and invest in the development of a young man instead of giving him another toy. And that was exactly the ambitious idea of ​​an e-shop, making a list of proposals for a communion gift.

It primarily includes products that can be used to learn and develop the interests of each child. A modern and compact PC or notebook with a great value at a great price, such as the HP Compaq 100eu AiO or HP G62-b45ew P540 plus the HP DeskJet 1050 All-in-One.

Each of these gifts can also be used in multimedia entertainment, which will surely please the young user when he or she is about to relax from learning.

The cheaper, but equally attractive proposition is, for example, the Onyx Boox 60 e-book reader with an electronic version of BIBLE FOR CHILDREN and a collection of well-known and well-known children’s and youth literature, including: Robinson Crusoe Cases, Snow Queen, Seven Dwarfs and Orphans Marys, History Yellow coterie and Elf Child.

Other computer offerings are very popular recently supermobilne devices such as the stylish Sony VAIO YB1S1E / S E350 netbook for the girl and the Asus 1001PQ N450 for the boy or the modern Point of View Mobii tablet.

Your child’s multimedia passions can be supported by choosing one of the proposed cameras or a digital video camera. All products recommended for gifts, you can see on this special page.…

Google is still working on VR goggles

Google is still working on VR goggles

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Gossips suggesting that Google could well abandon the plan to create their own VR goggles proved to be untrue. Recent reports suggest that the online giant is still pursuing it, and it has been for months for engineers with relevant experience to help build it.

Facebook has Oculus Rifta, Sony is about to launch PlayStation VR, HTC along with Valve have developed HTC Vive, and Samsung has Gear VR. This is of course only the most well known devices, as many companies are working on their own technology that takes us to the virtual world.

Recode reported last week that the US giant has definitely abandoned the project and is releasing all 50 Google Gadgets engineers in Google X Labs. It turned out, however, that these reports are not true because they contradict the latest information from Engadget, whose editors claim that nothing in this matter has changed.

Google is still working on its own VR goggles and has been looking for engineers for a few months with the right knowledge to help build it. What’s more, it is self-contained goggles which, unlike other devices of this type, will not require you to operate a smartphone or computer. The product is expected to make use of a combination of virtual and extended reality with a strong emphasis on video game functionality.…

New Vine co-founder app

New Vine co-founder app

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Those responsible for creating the Vine app, which Twitter is trying to get rid of now, boasted of their latest project. It is a Hype application that allows streaming video on the web.

On the market of video streaming applications, it gets more and more tense. One of the most popular tools of its kind is Facebook Live, but not the only one, as users have at their disposal, Periscope. And as if that was not enough, a similar function offers its users also Instagram.

However, it seems that in the near future we will see another type of this application. The team responsible for Vine is working on it, which after Twitter announced the closure of the application, decided to disclose to the world its plans.

The application is called Hype and as declared by its creators, it will be much more interactive than other such applications available on the market. On what interactivity to rely on, it is not exactly known yet. We know that the rest of the features will not be much different from other tools of this type, so viewers will be able to enjoy the material as well as comment it.…